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Student Spotlight: Aly Pierik '14 | British Colombia, Canada

I arrived at COA with an interest in medicine and public health. It's been really great to take advantage of the connections that COA has.

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Student Spotlight: Erickson Smith '15 | Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Human Ecology is a perspective, not a discipline. It will remain incredibly relevant to my life because it is the way I will see the world. It has given me a habit of inquisitiveness, to question everything and not be satisfied with the first answer.

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Student Spotlight: Yuka Takemon '14 | Chiba, Japan

This is a new field, and the people working in it are pioneers. It was awesome to be part of the frontier. It was a great experience and it was reassuring to know COA helped me get there.

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Student Spotlight: Nathan Thanki '14 | Belfast, Northern Ireland

Self-direction is the practice of independent inquiry. At COA, there is self-direction with prods along the way.

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Student Spotlight: Polly McAdam '14 | Springvale, Maine

My classes made me realize what I value. I've been able to follow threads between all my courses, and further explore one idea while learning something else.

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Student Spotlight: Khristian Mendez '15 | Guatemala City, Guatemala

I have learned how to ask the right questions and be diligent about my time and choices. There are so many things you can do here, it is hard to choose.

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Student Spotlight: Lauren Benzaquen '14 | Las Vegas, Nevada

The story I'm working on is drawing from some theories by philosophers and in literature and art. I feel that at COA I had this permission to take these different courses that I've really been interested in.

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Student Spotlight: Jesse Karpinnen | Finland

Why did you choose to come to COA?It was an excellent combination of things I wanted from a college. It was close to nature and not a mainstream school. COA considers all its students individuals, rather than part of a huge institutional machinery.

Do you work on or off campus? If yes, where?I work with the marine mammal research group Allied Whale. I mainly work with Humpback Whale identification, but occasionally in the field.

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Student Spotlight: Zuri De Souza '14 | Pune, India

The professors were so knowledgeable and open-minded to the direction of individual projects. They knew the difference between guiding someone and just giving them the answer.

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Student Spotlight: Gabriela Niejadlik | Sussex, New Jersey

What country or state would you like to visit?France, India, California and Oregon. I hope to travel as much as I can.

What is your dream occupation?An artist, a writer and a photographer. Some combination of the three would be great.

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Student Spotlight: Ellie Oldach '15 | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Students can have purposeful and meaningful discussions with faculty and other students. We can talk about what drives us, what keeps us going, and how to engage with opportunities to do those things."

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Student Spotlight: Katie O'Brien | Ann Arbor, Michigan

What do you see yourself doing after COA?Maybe going to grad school for fisheries, maybe travelling.

What is happiness to you?Being on the water

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